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How to Write an effective Complaint Letter? – Letter of Complaint and Claim Sample, Format and Template 

The letter of complaint is a type of formal letter that is written to the company to report a problem with a product. Or in this, a complaint is expressed against a company or service. Formal language should be used while writing this letter because it is a business claim letter. 

In this, a customer or a buyer demands compensation, adjustment request or payment for losses. The writer needs to mention the department name to which the complainer wish to report the problem. Also, write up the time duration of working with that company or purchasing goods from the company. Then write details of the deal, and mention the failure occurred in dealings. Or sometimes if the complaint letter is written by the company, it serves as a legal notice to the employer. 

Strong and fact-based explanations on a complaint give a fast and effective response to the purchaser.

Basic components of a Complaint Letter:

Mostly, a complaint letter consists of four basic components;

    1. A clear description of the complaint
    2. Explanation of the Losses or failure 
    3. Appeal of honesty 
    4. Demand compensation or fair adjustment.

Tips for writing an effective Complaint letter

Firstly, specify the type of complaint in a letter, which means for which reasons it is to be written and now what is the demand? 

    • A customer or a buyer may claim the following;
    • Substitute for the damaged or defective product.
    • Cancellation or delaying of the order
    • Correction in bills.

Secondly, a letter of complaint should be concise, write briefly about the defective or damaged item that has been received. Also, mention the serial number and date of purchasing and receiving the product and the name and location of the selling company. A positive and respectful tune should be used. Avoid threatening words such as; ‘I must want unless you’ etc. Be factual and don’t exaggerate in explaining the problem about the given product or service. While sending this, attach any document related to the claim such as the warranty card of the purchased product. Set a time limit waiting for the response from the company.

Sample of a Complaint and Claim Letter

Emma Desire Cloth Collection,
House no. 18,
North 108,

March 25, 2021

Jones Rich,
Dear Manager,

Subject: Letter of Complaint and Claim

To whom it may concern,

On March 08, 2021, I purchased 1000 meters of suit clothes. The quality of your goods does not match according to my requirement. I have returned your goods; I can’t use this low-quality cloth.  

We have been connected with each other for many years. I believe that your company doesn’t compromise in the quality of a good and this is happening mistakenly. So I hope that you might change the order by replacing it with a better one or return the payment. And we will remain business partners in the future.

Giving me a response within a week will be highly welcoming.  

I look forward to your response 

Mr. Roddi,
Manager of Howdy Cloth House.

Final Take on Writing your Letter of Complaint and Claim

Lastly, not to lose your temper while complaining, kindness is everything. So in a kind and friendly mood complaint should be written. And give time to respond to this complaint.

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