Informal Letters

Personal Letter: How to Pen Down a Personal Letter?

Personal letters are the kind of informal letters and sometimes formal letters that are written to family, friends and colleagues…

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Personal Letters: Personal Letter Format – How to Write a Personal Letter?

The personal letter is a kind of informal letter written for the purpose of personal information exchange between two individuals.…

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Friendly Letter Format: How do people Write Friendly Letters to Each Other? – Friendly Letter Sample and Template Making

Friendly letters are written between friends, family, peers, relatives, acquaintances and in some cases office colleagues to express an informal…

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Congratulation Letters for Friends and Family – Write a Congratulation letter or a Congrats Note to a Friend

The letters written for the purpose of praising and appreciating friends or family members are known as informal congratulation letters.…

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Informal Letters: Understanding Types of Informal Letters, Informal Letters Format, Samples, Examples

Writing letters is important in daily life due to the means of formal or informal communication with friends, family and…

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Breakup Letter: Letter of Breakup Format, Breakup Letter Samples, Breakup Letter Examples, Breakup Letter Templates

A breakup is an end of a relationship due to some reasons. Breaking a relationship makes someone emotional. Writing a…

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