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Letter of Complaint Samples

A complaint letter is a kind of formal letter written by an individual about any faulty product, underrated service, rude staff behavior or any similar situations; to report it to the higher authorities of the company.

There are so many times when people buy things from the stores and they turn out to be the defective ones. Sometimes it also happens that you avail of some public service and you get disappointed. So, when you have such problems what is needed to be done? Most of the times action is not taken by people which results in the increasing negligence of the matter. 

So, the most common and simple way to take action against such a problem is to post a letter of complaint to a company or the authorities so that your voice can be heard. It happens that sometimes the companies are not aware of the fault in their products or services which results in the manufacturing of the same faulty products again and again.

A similar situation goes for the companies that have rude staff members for public dealing, or their property or service provides underrated services to the clients and in this case, you also need to file a complaint letter.

A letter of complaint is the one which you write in order to address some problems you have faced such as wrongdoing, grievance, offense, resentment of service, product, etc. It’s used for the purpose of raising your voice so that your problem can be solved. As it is also a legal right of a citizen to file a complaint against something he doesn’t like. Moreover, it also aspires the other customers to file their complaints as they will know that their voice will be heard as authorities will take action against their complaints. 

Complaint Letter Types

There are two types of complaint letters as follows:

  • Personal complaint letter

In this type of complaint letter, you write a complaint on your own behalf, complaining about the problem you had at the individual level.

  • Professional complaint letter

It is the type of complaint letter in which you write a complaint on behalf of an organization or a company telling about the problem faced. 

Complaint Letter Topics

  • Defective or Incomplete order
  • Delay in delivery of the order
  • Receiving of the damaged goods
  • The delivered goods are not the same as ordered
  • Goods quantity is not accurate 
  • Goods delivered at the wrong address
  • Unsatisfactory work is done
  • Salesman or staff misbehavior 
  • Invoice preparing mistake 
  • Defective packing of the goods 
  • Bills mistakes or the reminders even after the payment, etc
  • Public wrong-doing
  • DTC drivers rash driving 
  • Street dogs poor treatment 
  • Others

Letter of Complaint Format

Complaint Letter FORMAT
(Address of Sender, date, address of Receiver, subject, salutation, close)
CONTENT (Required)
Report Product or Service or Leave remarks or Ratings (Required)
Suggestions (Optional)

Standard Complaint Letter Format 


The address of the sender is written on the left side of the page.

  • DATE

After the address of the sender, the date is written on the left side. The date should be the one on which you have written the letter. Additionally, write the date in an expanded form.


After the date, you have to write the address of the person or company who will be receiving your letter. Moreover, write a title, position, name, etc on the first line.


After the receiver address, you have to write the salutations and have to greet the person you are writing to. Keep in mind that greetings should be formal and must use the words, Sir or Mam.


Next comes the subject that why are you lettering the letter. The subject must be very concise and of one line. Writing the subject is very important because it will tell the reader the reason for writing at a glance.

  • BODY

The body of the letter contains the major content. You can divide the body into 2 or 3 paragraphs. You must write in a formal tone. Make sure that offensive language is not used. Additionally, keep in mind that the letter should be very concise and is written politely. The body should include the following:

    1. The first paragraph should contain the details of a complaint about the services or products. It must have location, dates, and specifications of service or item.
    2. Write what is the problem with the services or the item. Give all the details such as billing issues, malfunction, etc.
    3. Tell how the problem can be solved and how you will be satisfied. Give all of the specifications of what you want.
    4. Make sure to tell the reader that transaction document copies are attached to the letter.
    5. Indicate that you are looking forward to the response in your desired period. 
    6. Give your contact details and tell them to contact you.

Lastly, write the closing words. These words can be like Yours Sincerely, or Yours faithfully, etc. 


Finally, write your signature and then letter down your name in Capital letters followed by the designation of yours. This is important because the recipient will have the information about the sender. 

Tips for Composing a Complaint Letter Specimen

  • Write the letter in a very formal and polite tone. However, the letter is written out of grieve and anger but still, it should be in a polite tone. Do not use disrespectful or offensive words.
  • Write a proper introduction of yourself.
  • Give a clear purpose for your letter.
  • Do not add extra details and try to be very concise. 
  • Write in a proper format so that you can achieve good marks.
  • Make sure to underline the subject. Moreover, it is also advised that you must underline the important points too. Try to use a pencil for underlining. 
  • Do not make any grammatical mistakes or any spelling mistakes. 
  • Leave lines among the paragraphs so that the letter looks clean.
  • Present the letter in a good way.
  • Read as many letters as you can to have an idea.

Complaint Letter Questions asked in an Exam (for Students)


Write a complaint letter to the publishing house in London and tell them that they have sent you the wrong books. Ask them for the replacement. 


Complaint Letter to Replace Wrong Books

Examination Hall,
Sector-30, Chandigarh.

January 10, 2021

Publishing House,
Complaint Division,

Subject- Complaint against the wrong delivery of books


On January 2, 2021, I had bought some books with order no. 003467 that were to be sent to the Chandigarh, Sector-30.

Disappointedly, I haven’t received the set which I ordered and have received the wrong set of books. To solve this problem, I would like to replace the books soon with the ones I ordered before. Kindly tell me what you propose so that actions can be taken. I am looking forward to hearing from you in the next few days.

Along with the letter, there are copies of transaction documents and receipts. I want to have my problem solved soon, as I do not want to wait for a long time. If the matter is delayed, then I will go to the agency of customer protection or the Business Bureau. You can contact me on the above-mentioned address or phone number 094530XXXXX

Enclosure(s)- Transaction documents and receipt copies.


You are Varun of 133, Arjun Nagar, Mumbai. There are many cars and scooters parked in your area without any legal orders, which is causing the blockage of the street. Write down a letter to the Resident’s Association local Secretary and complain about the problem. 


Complaint Letter Reporting Bad Parking Habits

122, Arjun Nagar,

January 03, 2021

Resident’s Association,


Subject- Complaint against the bad parking habits in my area 

I want to tell you that there are very bad habits of parking among the residents of my area. Because of the bad parking habits, there is great chaos and one can find no place of parking a vehicle if you come home late at night. 

Apart from parking the vehicle in the assigned area, the cars are usually parked in an abnormal way taking the space of other 2-3 vehicles too. The two-wheel vehicles cannot be parked in the allotted area. This is has caused havoc among people as they have to find the place for parking in some other parking areas. It has caused so much tension and frustration among the people. 

A lot of warnings are given to the people who violate rules but disappointedly there is no betterment. I pledge you to please take some action as this is also causing fights among the people. 

Yours Sincerely,


Write down a letter to textbooks in charge of NCRET in Mumbai and complain that there is non-availability of all textbooks within one month of the beginning of the session. You’re Rana Rohit studying at Grammar school, Mumbai. 


Complaint Letter for non-availability of Product

Examination Hall,
Grammar School,

May 3, 2021

NCERT Office,

Subject- Complaint against the text-books non-availability 

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am writing to you to make you notice that there is a shortage of textbooks within one month after the beginning of a new session. The latest textbooks of NCRET aren’t available in the market.

Students are attending classes without textbooks. Some students are buying the older versions of the books to learn and understand. But this is resulting in no impact of lectures given to students by teachers. 

Books are very important to learn new things. So, I hope that you will understand the situation and will take quick action on it by providing the books in the market. Lastly, I hope that my complaint will be heard soon. 

Yours Sincerely,
Rana Rohit.


Write down a letter to the HMT corporation in Mumbai and complain to them about the wristwatch you bought from their store as it does not work properly, and you want its replacement. You’re Deepak from Sector 30, Mumbai


Complaint Letter to report a Faulty Watch

400, Sector-30,

March 11, 2021

H.M.T. Corporation
Complaint Division


Subject- Complaint of a faulty Wristwatch

On January 2, 2021, I had the experience of buying a Titan Watch having a model No. 5567 of Rs 6000 from one of your stores. 

Unfortunately, the product is performing well. Its battery gets drained very quickly and it needs to get charged again and again. I am very disappointed because it was not expected that it will happen. Your store reputation is renowned which makes me more disappointed. 

To solve the problem, I would like to replace my watch with the latest model which is fully functioning. I have attached the receipt with it. Along with the letter, there is also a guarantee card copy.

I am looking forward to your fast reply about the matter and I hope that my patience will not be tested. Otherwise, I will seek help from a protection agency. Kindly contact me at the above-mentioned address or phone number 099990XXXXX.

Yours Sincerely,
Enclosure(s): 1. Guarantee card 2. Receipt.


Write down a letter to the local daily editor and complain to them about bus divers rash driving and the overcrowding which is causing a risk to lives outside the school. You’re Deepak, Ring Street, Mumbai. 


Complaint Letter to report Rash & Dangerous Driving

Ring Street,

February 09, 2021

The Editor,
The News,

Subject- Complaint against the rash driving of bus drivers outside the school 


Through your valued newspaper, I would like to tell the concerned authorities about the issue of rash driving of school buses which cause danger to the innocent lives of children. Apart from the danger to children’s lives, it is also a danger to the people passing by. 

The drivers drive in a very zigzag manner on the rushy roads with full speed without following the rules of traffic. They do not even bother to follow the signals also. This shows that they are not interested in saving the lives of people as they also pose danger to the lives of people passing by. 

If you will address this issue, then it can be hoped that awareness of the public towards this will be raised. Additionally, the traffic authorities will also look into the matter against the drivers and will charge them with heavy fines and taking away their licenses. I hope you will look into the problem as this is the matter of life and death.

Yours Sincerely,

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