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Handling Complaints: Customer Complaint Handling, Customer Complaint Rejection Letters

How to Manage Customer Complaints effectively?

Businesses that run efficiently mostly focus on the complaints of customers. And this is the main reason why most businesses trust their clients to be always right. However, this isn’t the case always, as many customers do not provide the right information. So, it is very necessary that before you consider any customer complaint, make sure you have looked into it very carefully. 

Customer Complaint Handling

To handle the customer complaints there’re 2 ways. These ways are either accepting it or rejecting it. However, to generate some liability, companies usually offer relief to customers. 

Anyhow, it is not the legal responsibility of any company to respond to the complaint letter but the companies usually do it to maintain a sense of goodwill among the customers. 

After all, there could be nothing better than a customer who is satisfied. And this is the reason that many companies accept complaints of a customer even when the company isn’t at fault. 

Moreover, the companies most of the time try to give their customers extra relief so that their reputation is maintained. This gesture is made in the hope that a satisfied customer will promote their company in good words and will bring them more customers. 

Whenever a complaint is received and accepted it is divided into 2 groups. One in which the company’s guilty and the other in which the company isn’t. 

Whatever the case is, the company always has to conduct the inquiry so that the accurate knowledge of the situation can be gained. This helps the company in making an accurate decision. 

Conducting Inquiry against Consumer’s Complaint

While conducting the inquiry if it’s found that the company is guilty then the company has to explain the customer in a polite tone so that the goodwill is maintained. So, always explain the customer’s informal and polite tone. 

The company has to ensure the customer that a proper inquiry will be conducted to find the cause of a problem. Further, if it is found that the company is guilty then compensation will be made by the company to the customer. 

However, if the received complaint is genuine and the company wants to admit it then a letter must be written to the customer stating the problem very clearly. The letter content has to be written very precisely and carefully, containing no ambiguities. 

Anyhow, this must be ensured that the letter does not have any content in which the juniors or any other person in the organization is blamed. The responsibility has to be taken by the company as a whole. 

On the other hand, there are also situations in which customers make false complaints. In this case, the companies still accept the complaint, but they do not have any kind of liabilities to the client. However, still, the companies offer some relief to customers so that the goodwill is maintained. 

In this situation, the company has to be very polite and formal. The situation must be justified with proper facts and figures. And the reply must look very genuine. 

Complaint Rejection Letter Writing and Format

The letter of complaint rejection is a kind of letter written in response to the customer’s complaint letter that contains the claims that reject the filed complaint in light of the findings of the complaint handling investigation.

Complaint rejection letters can have indirect or direct approach of rejection; explained below:

Complaint Rejection Direct approach:

The complaints can be at fault sometimes. It happens mostly that companies do not have any fault, but the customers still make the complaints. In such cases, the inquiry is done before coming to conclusions. Facts are gathered from different sources and then logical judgment is made.

It is possible that a customer who is complaining wants to have some unnecessary gain from the organization or company. In this case, the company still has to be polite and formal. While making a reply to a customer it must be explained that what are the company’s compulsions and how some measures can be taken.

Therefore, the formal letter written for this purpose of rejecting the filed complaint must be written properly with evidence or a report of the investigation. It is understood that writing such a letter in which you can’t reject the client in a direct manner is always difficult. You can take help from experienced people while drafting such a letter. 

Additionally, to make the customer more satisfied with your letter you can always attach the inquiry photocopy with the reply letter. It will build customer trust as he will know that you have considered his request. Moreover, the letter tone should be formal and polite in every case. 

Complaint Rejection Indirect approach

For rejecting a complaint, one thing you can do is to send the letter of rejections to customers. But it can happen that instant letters may contain some deficiencies and they also do not have authority stamps which may not satisfy the customer.

In cases like this, you must handle complaints with a lot of patience and have to gather a lot of facts to tell the customer. Later, tell the customer that you are not able to accommodate the complaint. This approach that is indirect, is better than a direct approach.

Complaint Rejection Letter Sample Format

(Client’s Name),
Client’s Address),

February 09, 2021

Subject- Rejection of your complaint letter


We received your complaint letter against our product and as we take customer’s complaints very seriously so therefore we launched the investigation. In response to your recent complaint letter regarding a faulty product, we further investigated the issue and as per the findings of this investigation; the product can not be accountable as faulty because it is in good shape and working fine. Our technical staff recommended us to let you know to consider replacing the product’s battery.

In light of the above investigation report, we have to dismiss your complaint.

Yours Sincerely,
(Name of customer service office),

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