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Standard Formal Letters Writing instructions

It is a technology world and we usually communicate through the internet nowadays. We use texts, emails, and, social communication channels for communication. However, writing a letter is still important for our society. It is impossible to even for this modern society to eradicate the use of writing letters to each other, because, most of the letters are nowadays written online using Microsoft word and via emails.

The most important letters are the formal letters that are used to contact in a professional context so the record can be maintained. In this article, we will let you know about the language and format of all the format letters. 

When to use Formal Letters?

The purpose of a formal letter is a formal one and is also written formally to communicate with others. These letters are usually written to colleagues, dignitaries, authorities, seniors, etc. for the official purpose. However, keep in mind that formal letters are not written to family or friends. Additionally, there must be some conventions that are needed to be obeyed while writing formal letters. Following we have given the formal letter format.

Format of a Formal Letter

Formal letters follow conventions and rules. This helps in sending information in a very professional way. However, keep in mind that there are many formal letters formats available for various occasions and situations. The following formal letter format is the standard one, which we have explained in this article; is used commonly for the purpose of formal communication.

Elements of a Formal Letter:

  1. Sender’s Name, contact, and Sender’s Address
  2. Date
  3. Recipient’s Name, and Address
  4. Greetings
  5. Subject
  6. Text body
  7. Closing
  8. Signatures

#1 Sender’s Name and Address

The first thing in writing a formal letter is to address the recipient’s person by his name in the opening of the letter with his address. The address of the sender is written on the right corner of the page. You must write the address accurately so that your letter receives the right person for communication. 

#2 Date

After adding the address of the sender, you have to write the date on the right side. The date should be of the day on which the letter was written. This is necessary for the keeping of records. 

#3 Receiver’s Address

On the left side, you have to write the address of the receiver. Keep in mind writing the title, position, name, etc of a receiver on the first line of an address. 

#4 Greeting

After writing the receiver address you have to write the greetings to the person whom the letter is written to. So, keep in mind that the greeting should be formal such as Mam or Sir. However, if you’re aware of a person’s name then you can greet with the name such as Mr ABC. Additionally, do not call the person with the first name but call him/her with the last name. 

#5 Subject

After you greet the person write the subject in the next line. You have to write down the subject in line centre after the colon. In the subject write the purpose of lettering down the letter. This will make the receiver get the purpose of the letter quickly. 

#6 Body

In the letter body, you have to write the main content. You can divide the body into 3 or 2 paragraphs according to your wish. The letter purpose must be conveyed clearly in the first paragraph. You must write in a formal tone and don’t use the words that are flowery. Additionally, don’t write too many details and try to be very precise. Always use respectful language whatever the subject is. 

#7 Closing 

After writing the body you have to end the letter. You must use words like ‘Yours Sincerely’ or ‘Yours Faithfully’. Write the ending words on the right side

#8 Signature

In the end you have to sign your name and write down your name after the signature in capital letters. This will make the recipient recognise who is lettering him/her.

Following is the example situation that demands the writeup of a standard formal letter:


To the daily newspaper pen down a letter and complain about the work of construction in monsoon season happening in the centre of the road which is causing a lot of problems to people. 

The following is the format of the formal letter: 

Standard Formal Letter Template – Standard Sample of a Formal Letter

Recipient’s Name,
Recipient’s Designation,
Recipient’s Address,
Recipient’s Contact.

Sender’s Name,
Sender’s Designation,
Sender’s Address,
Sender’s Contact.

12th July 2021.

Subject: Difficulties due to constriction work happening in the monsoon season.


[Text Body Here] Through your prestigious newspaper, I would like to draw the attention of authorities that the people of my society are facing so many difficulties in the monsoon season due to construction work. The work of construction is happening in the road centre causing a lot of problems. 

Currently, it’s been four weeks since the work started and it’s going beyond the deadline. And nowadays we are facing so many problems with flooding and waterlogging in our society. Additionally, the other thing to be worried about is that this is also causing accidents due to debris on the road. Moreover, the spread of diseases is another rising concern. 

So, I wish the authorities will investigate the matter and will solve it as soon as possible. As it is their duty to save people from dangers. 

Thank You,

[Closing of Formal Letter Here]
Yours Sincerely,
[Mr. ABC].

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