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Condolence Letter Format: Sympathy Note Sample, Letter of Condolence Samples, Sympathy Note Examples

A Condolence Letter or a Sympathy Note

A condolence letter expresses your sympathy to the beloved ones on their closely relative death. This sympathy gives a great source of relief to your beloved one. This action tells your beloved one they are in your thoughts. At that time of sadness find out the right words to say them to overcome their grief.

But, it is an extremely difficult task, because you are going to write about someone closely related to the deceased person. So, this sympathy letter must be written with responsibility, sympathy, and care.

Reasons for Writing a Condolence Letter or a Sympathy Note

Your condolence words give more effective respect to the deceased person. These words convey that the grieving person is also important to you. And all this gives great comfort or relief to the mourning one. It also helps in sharing the personal memories you might have with the deceased one. And also offer to talk to the recipient of letter of condolence in this way. May also offer your help to the mourning one such as “call me whenever you feel the need”, offering help in this way carries a more personal message to the mourning one.

Also make a reminder of calls or messages for the mourning one, because many people remain very lonely after the death of their beloved or relative one. 

Keep in mind while writing a condolence letter that it would be enough to show your sympathy. Because if there is not a distance mattered than a condolence letter not be enough to show sympathy with the grieving person. And if this grief person is also very attached to you then it might be possible that this condolence letter is not enough. So it is only better to write a condolence letter when there is a distance mattered issue.

Objectives for Writing a Condolence Letter or a Sympathy Note

The purpose of writing a condolence letter is to honor the life of the deceased person.

  • It is also written to support the family of the deceased person.
  • It is written for expressing feelings on his or her death.
  • It is written to encourage the mourning person who lost his or her beloved one.

Instructions for Writing a Letter of Condolence and a Sympathy Note

First of all, write and send your condolence letter or a sympathy note, immediately. The best time of writing this letter is within the first two weeks after the loss.

A handwritten sympathy note conveys a message more effectively. And try to write this condolence letter in your voice, like normally you speak with the person. Instead of typing and printing it, write it on a nice piece of paper. It carries a more impressive impact on the mourning person. A condolence letter should be heartfelt and thoughtful. The condolence note does not require to use so fancy words while writing it. Simply, give a form of words to your thoughts that are formed in your mind and write them on the paper simply. These simple words express your feelings for both mourning and deceased one in a good way. If there is some difficulty in writing a condolence letter then read some quotations about loss or grief. These quotations will inspire you and help you in writing a condolence letter having a full bucket of feelings.

Difference between Condolence Letter and Sympathy Note

There is only a difference in length between the condolence letter and the sympathy note. A sympathy note consists of a few lines and a condolence letter consists of a few paragraphs. It depends upon you what you choose for writing a letter.

Elements of a Condolence Letter

Depending on your choice, a condolence letter mostly uses some or all of the following elements while writing it.

Part # 1: Firstly, don’t avoid the reality that somebody has died, admit the loss and then write a letter of condolence expressing sympathy with the mourning person. And while writing a letter, refer to the deceased by name.

Part # 2: On the second step show your feelings for the grief one and the deceased one by expressing sympathy. In this part, express the feelings in your own words and these heart touching words give a wave of comfort or relief to the grieving person.

Part # 3: In the third part, try to write about some special qualities of the deceased person. These qualities also express your love for the deceased one.

Part# 4: Then in the fourth part, write your most beautiful memories or period that you spent with the deceased one in the past. This will make you more expressive in writing a letter. And these memories will warm their hearts while seeing special love for their deceased one.

Part # 5: And also offer help to the grief person in a specific way, such as “ tell me if you need my help”, “am always available for you”, “contact me at any time if you need me”, “ no need to feel alone am always with you”, etc.

Part # 6: And at the last end, your letter is full of hopes, wishes and a sympathy expression, such as “I will stand with you in any kind of situation”, “I am with you to support you”, or “you are always in my prayers”, etc. Also, end with active thoughts, those give hope and feeling of support to the beloved one. Shows your solidarity, that you are remembering and praying for the mourning person. Avoid one-word ending like “Love,” or “Sincerely,” etc. because this is not enough for the grieving person on his or her beloved one’s loss.

Here is a sample for writing a condolence letter to the beloved one on his or her relative’s loss. This sample helps you organize your thoughts. By using this sample, feel free and write a condolence letter to your beloved one from your heart. 

Condolence Letter Sample – Letter of Condolence Example

Dear John,

I was intense, saddened to hear about the death of your mother, Lori. I know it is the most difficult time for you; I am unable to express my feelings. Alas, it is a big loss in your life that no one can fulfill this. 

She was full of life, very kind to all, gentle soul. She wants to do everything to improve your life.

I remember the time when we came home, she baked cookies for us. I talked about our daily routine and how we spent our day in school. And we discussed our school activities at home. She had a loving nature and was caring for me and treated me in a good way.

She always gave the best advice for future life. I know it is extremely painful for you for living without her. My mother also passed away recently, so I feel your pain of living without a mom. But, be strong and we all know that things will get better with time.

And I know that the emptiness left after passing her, never be filled by someone else in your life.

I will come back soon from Italy, then we will sit together and share several memories related to her.

Remember one thing, that I will always be here to support you, 

With deepest sympathy,

Elements of a Sympathy Note

As above mentioned that handwritten note is just the same as the condolence letter only there is only a difference of length. So while writing a sympathy note, not all the above elements are required as in the condolence letter. It might include a sympathy card in it and that’s it. 

Sympathy Note Samples – Sympathy Note Examples

Sympathy Note # 1: I want to express my sympathy and let you know that my support is with you
Sympathy Note # 2: Words cannot express my sorrow on this beloved one loss
Sympathy Note # 3: Please remember that you are not alone, am always here for you
Sympathy Note # 4: May God gives you comfort
Sympathy Note # 5: Am truly sorry for your loss
Sympathy Note # 6: Please accept my heartfelt condolences

Things to remember while writing a Condolence Letter or a Sympathy Note

Remember, while writing a condolence letter, that right your feelings sincerely. Give comfort to the mourning person by writing it with your heartfelt and soul feelings. Also, write the good things and qualities of a deceased person that relieve a mourning person. It should be written carefully. The tone should be somber while writing a letter. Moreover, what kind of relationship with the passed away person and the surviving one decides what to write?

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