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How to Write a Breakup letter? - Writing an emotional Breakup Letter

A breakup is an end of a relationship due to some reasons. Breaking a relationship makes someone emotional. Writing a letter to express the breaking feelings is the best way. And in this way say him or her goodbye.

The list of Common Reasons for Breakup are:

As there are some solid reasons for the break-ups, and these are as follow:

  1. Lost love
  2. Romantic Break up
  3. Money matters
  4. Someone New Entry
  5. Cheater
  6. Long Distance Problem or Failure
  7. Abusive relationship
  8. Differences in Dreams
  9. Career Development 

#1 Lost Love Breakup Letter

When someone falls out of love, then it is time to break up the relationship. The example mentioned below helps break the relationship to that one who does not love you.

Dear Emma,

In my heart, there is always a special place for you. When our relationship was developed, I thought that it was the most beautiful thing that has happened in my life. 

Now, everything has gone wrong. I am feeling pain while admitting that my love faded away. Because you are not interested in me. 

And am going to end this relationship where there is no love and respect for my feelings. It is also not fair to live in a relationship that is based on lies.

I feel silly for spending my precious time with you. Please live with that person to whom you love.

All the best,

#2 Breakup Letter Written in a Romantic Way

Writing a breakup letter makes someone sadder to whom you are going to end up your relationship. So breaking up romantically is feasible for both partners. S a goodbye romantically and beautifully less the breakup pain to some extent. An example mentioned below helps break the relationship.

My beloved Henry,

I am going to write this letter full of regret. In my life, this is the most painful letter ever. You make me as happy as no other can do this. I accepted you like the best life partner. 

But at this time I am deeply aching, because of going to break up our relationship. It just scared me that in the future we can’t live together.

Take care of yourself as you cared for me. And I will be with you in the future as a good friend.

With the deepest love,

#3 Breakup Letter for starting a relationship with someone else

If there is an entry of someone else in your life. Then no need to deceive the previous one. Write a letter of breakup in a humble way and tell the truth.

Dear James,

It is not easy to say that I’ve made a mistake. Another person has stolen my feelings and captured my heart. I wanted to move our relationship forward but now it is impossible for me. 

You deserve someone good as a life partner rather than me. Please forgive me for my mistake.

I wish that you will meet your true love, in the future.

Best wishes,

#4 Breakup letter to a Cheater

A cheater ruins the relationship badly, so no need to give him or her place in your heart. Kick that cheater with a letter and make life easy.


You are a cheater in my life. Even if you did not realize that you had killed our relationship. But keep in mind that today’s you cheat me for someone else, tomorrow that one will cheat you for someone else. So the pain you gave me deceiving me, will come back to you soon. 

I never want to live with you even for a second, so never need to contact me in the future. 


#5 Breakup Letter for Long Distance Failure

Sometimes it also happened that there is no fault of anyone of each. But certain circumstances changed the situation and made it difficult to further move on the relationship. Long-distance is one of the reasons for this breakup. So in this case, where there is no mistake of anyone, it comes difficult so say by forever. In this situation, write a breakup letter in an excuse way and remain the hope of leaving a good friend after this.

Dearest and Beloved Amelia

As we both love each other, my wish is to spend a lot of time with you, but it can’t be possible due to long distance. 

We can’t even meet on some beautiful occasions. I know we spend our time chatting and talking online. But I think it isn’t enough to move on with our relationship.

So it’s much better to break off this because we can’t enjoy it. I know it is not easy for us to break up but it is needed. 

I expect that in the future, we will remain best friends.

Best wishes,

#6 Breakup Letter for ending Abusive Relationship

An abusive relationship is nothing else, but a burden that is put on your shoulder forcefully. So get rid of this relationship immediately by writing a breakup letter in the following way:


Your way of treating is amiss. I did much to save our relationship, but your abusing habit makes me scared of you. I can’t handle this relationship more. It is difficult for me to bear your worst mood swings. 

In this way, no one treats his beloved one. It needs to be said to you. And it’s completely over, don’t try to contact me.


#7 Breakup Letter due to Money matters – Breakup Letter due to Financial Crisis

Money is also a common reason for breaking up or ending up a relationship. So write a letter to break up with the money lover person.


It hurt me when I heard that you loved me due to my richness. It shows that you loved my money. I thought you loved me the most, but with the time it opened up to me that the thing is important for you is the money. 

You hurt me badly; you disrespect my feelings by playing with them. Now, I have decided to break up our relationship. Further, I am not interested in being made foolish by you.

Keep away from me.


#8 Breakup Letter for Relationship Compatibility Issues

Sometimes partners have different dreams towards their future life. So it becomes difficult to maintain a relationship with a different state of mind. Write a breakup letter and choose your dreaming path with freedom.

Dear Smith,

I want to shine with you in the future, but due to differences in our dreaming or achieving goals, it seems to be impossible. Our plans do not align, and we want to do different things. And all this can’t be ignored because it is related to our future. 

The solution to saving our futures is good to part now and starts to live without each other. I know that it is a difficult time to live without each other. I will always remember you and your special place in my heart always remains there.

Have a good life,

#9 Breakup Letter for choosing Career over Relationship

If your relationship creates a problem for someone’s future career. Then write a letter of break up to give him or her motivation on moving forward with best wishes. Write a letter in the following way.

Dearest Jony,

I am so proud of you for achieving these accomplishments. I know that you have worked so much for achieving these. I always credit you on chasing your goals. 

Your promotion makes me happy, you deserved this. But relocation shocked me. Now it becomes difficult to maintain a long-distance relationship.

But your promoted career is more important for me than our relationship. So, I decided to break up our relationship. I hope you will always love me as a friend even after a breakup.


At last, it is not so easy to write a breakup letter and end your relationship with someone to whom you love. So, if going to do this then you should break up your relationship sensitively and responsibly. Care for that person to whom you are writing a breakup letter because you have spent a lot of time with him or her.

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