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How To Write a Complaint Letter?

Complaint letters are the kind of formal letter used to report an unusual activity, bad service, faulty product or any unprofessional behaviour by the staff member.

Complaint letters are one of the widely written formal letters to complain about something you don’t like. For example, if you get the wrong or default product via online purchase then you can write a complaint letter to the sender. So, in this article, we have talked all about the complaint letters. 

Many people do not write the complaint letter as they do complain by contacting the person of interest through phone, chat or social media. However, generally speaking, there are three main reasons to write complaint letters and they are:

  • The complaint letters put the complaint on company record
  • Preserve your legal rights
  • Shows your seriousness about the complaint 

Moreover, you can always ask for the delivery proof so that there is also a digital record of the complaint letter arrival.

Now, let’s see what are the major components of the complaint letter. Mainly it is the kind of business letter and it starts with the address of yours and date. Next, there comes the name of the contact person if you know them, otherwise, you can write the address and name of the company. Finally, after writing the salutation you can start the body of the letter.

Writing a Polite Complaint Letter

Additionally, the tone of the letter of complaint should be very polite and respectful even when you are angry. It is possible that the person reading the letter would not be responsible directly. So, be polite and concisely write all the details so that the reader doesn’t get irritated. 

Include the following information to the complaint letter:

  • Location and name of the store 
  • Account number
  • Dates when the thing was bought and when the problem was initiated  
  • Name of representatives, sellers, managers to whom you have addressed previously
  • Models and Serial numbers
  • Invoices, warranties, and receipts copies. 
  • Proof of any previous correspondence like email, letters or chats. 
  • Contact information

In the complaint letter body, the opening sentence should describe your complaint. Further, explain what necessary measures you’ve taken to solve the problem and what further measures are needed to be taken. Lastly, use a very professional close like Regards or Sincerely.

Following is the sample of the letter of complaint:

Letter of Complaint Format, Sample, Template

Mr. John,
Manager Products,
345 round street NY 39993,
555 Round road, TX 6578.

Ms. Lee,
XYZ st, House 22,
Carter County, California.

September 2, 2021

Subject: Complaint Letter against a faulty product

Dear Mr. John:

Reference: Account Number 1556788

I am lettering to you to tell you my dissatisfaction with the 3D Kettle model that was bought on March 25, 2021, from your store situated on Round street.  The kettle is fine, but it might have some breaks because of which it leaks. But when I tried to return the product on March 26, 2021, the employee named George said that the kettle will not be returned as apparently it is not damaged. 

So, I want my money back which I paid to buy this kettle ($30.00) to my account. I have also attached the receipt with a letter for reference. 

Looking forward to the reply. Please do contact me at the above-mentioned address or telephone 555-666-7777 as soon as possible.


The complaint letter’s best outcome is the resolution of the problem. Additionally, if companies know the defects in their goods then it will be possible for them to improve the goods. However, it is possible that you will get a positive response if you talk politely.

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