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How to Pen Down a Business Letter? – Business Letter Samples, Format, Example and Specimen

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Business letters is a formal document that connects business to business and business to consumer to exchange information, data, report, statistics and notices via hardcopy documents or email letters.

Suppose you’re required to write a business letter and you have no clue how to pen it down. So, don’t worry as it’s not as difficult as you think. You have two options; the first one is to use our free business letter format template and the second option is to read our business letter creation guide in this article and compose your first business letter according to it.

All kinds of Business letters share the same format. There are three major sections of a business letter as explained below and each of those has the tips to fill those sections:

Opening Section & Paper Selection for Business Letter

    • Recognize the format 

You have to follow a certain format. You must type the letter in a common font that is used for a business letter. Additionally, you must use margins, paragraphs, indentations, etc. Moreover, the text should be typed in black color.  

    • Select the Right Type of Paper 

Make sure you print the letter on the right paper. The standard paper size is only A4. 

    • Write the company’s information

Clearly write the company address and name. Make sure you use the company letterhead that contains the logo.

    • Write the date 

At the beginning of the letter, you must write the date as its very necessary to maintain the record.

    • Write Recipient’s Information

Write the information about the recipient very clearly. The information must have the right name, job title, address, etc, with no ambiguities.

    • Choose Greeting words

Choosing the right greeting words is very important as they show how much respect you’re giving to the other person. You can use words like Dear Sir/Mam etc.

Body Text Composition of Business Letter

    • State Subject of the letter

The subject of the letter clearly states the reason for which the business letter writeup is being carried out in one line at the end of the opening section of the business letter.

    • Greet the reader & insert content

Add the professional greetings message at the beginning of the letter body text section and add the desired content.

    • Write in the right tone

You have to write the letter in a very formal, polite and clear tone. Moreover, don’t use lengthy, difficult, or fancy words. The letter tone must be a persuasive one.

    • Personal Pronoun

You can use personal pronouns while lettering business letters. However, if you’re writing on the company’s behalf then you can use the ‘We’ pronoun. 

    • Write Clearly & Precisely 

Write the details in a very clear and precise manner. Make sure you don’t write unclear information in any case. 

    • Use Active Voice

Do not use the passive voice while lettering down the letter. 

    • Be Courteous

Write in a very courteous manner and use respectful words for the receiver. 

    • Additional Pages

Try not to use more pages. However, if the letter details do not come on one page then you can use the second page. Anyhow, make sure you add the page number. 

Closing Section Business Letter

    • Choosing a Closing

You must choose a very proper closing for the letter. Make sure to use a comma after it.

    • Signing the Letter

At the end pen down your signature in ink. However, if you’re posting a copy that is printed then make sure to attach a scanned signature.

    • Enclosure Note

In the end, write the enclosure note. This should have the documents list you’ve attached to the letter. The abbreviation Enc or Encl. can be used for this purpose. 

    • C.C. Usage

If you want to add the names of other people whom you want to send the letter, then you can add their names by writing C.C. 

Letter Finalizing 

    • Review & Edit

Once you’re done with the letter review it and look for the errors in it. Make sure the punctuations, spellings, and grammar are right. 

    • Don’t use Stapler

If your letter is of more than one page than try not to staple it. To attach the papers, use the paperclip. 

    • Posting a Letter 

For the purpose of posting a letter mention the right address and name of the recipient.

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