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How to Compose a Letter? Types of Letters

Writing a letter is one of the main topics in English exams because it is one of the most important skills one needs to have. So, everyone should be aware that how they can do letter writing.

However, when you do the formal letter writing you have to follow a certain format. There are many purposes for which you write a formal letter. In this article, we have discussed the formal letter format. And, in contrast to the formal letter, there is also an informal letter explanation in this article; which is usually written to friends, relatives or family. As compared to a formal letter; the informal letter doesn’t follow a proper professional format.

The letter is written for the purpose of communication with other people through written communication for the exchange of information, notices, statistical data, and messages. There are 2 types of letters as follows:

  • Formal Letter
  • Informal Letter

#1 Formal Letter Writing

The formal letter is used for the communication of formal business, official or any other professional matters. It addresses a very professional matter. The formal letter has different types listed as follows:

Formal letter Types:

    • Letter for the editor
    • Letter for the government
    • Letter for the police
    • Letter for the principal
    • Order letter
    • Complaint letter
    • Inquiry letter
    • Business letter
    • Letter for job application
    • Letter for the bank manager
    • Invitation letter
    • Resignation letter 
    • Leave application
    • Application of leave for marriage
    • Application of leave for maternity

Format of the FORMAL LETTER 

The formal letter is composed of the following format guideline:

One should consider the following facts while writing a formal letter:

    1. The letter must follow a strict format and should not be written in an inappropriate format.
    2. You must not use the abbreviations, slangs, colloquial words in the formal letter. 
    3. The letter should be clear and precise without creating a lot of unnecessary details.
    4. You must write the subject of the letter.

Following is the format of the letter

    1. Sender’s address: 

You must write the address and all the contact details of the sender in this section. The contact number and the email should be written if asked.

    1. Date: 

Below the sender’s address, there is a date written with a one-line space.

    1. Receiver’s address: 

After the date, there must come the address of the receiver. It can be anyone such as the officer, editor or the principal.

    1. Subject:

After all the addresses and contact of the sender and the receiver, you have to write a line that must contain the subject or the purpose of writing a letter. It should be concise and must be written in one line.

    1. Salutation 

Next, you have to write the salutation. Such as Respected sir/mam.

    1. Body

After the salutation there comes a body that must include the 3 paragraphs.
Paragraph 1: It must include your introduction and letter purpose in a concise way.
Paragraph 2: Write the matter detail.
Paragraph 3: Conclude the letter by writing your expectations.

    1. Complimentary Closing
    2. Name of the sender, signature and the designation if there is any.
Format Letter Format Template
Sender’s address:
Receiver’s Address:
Letter Body:
Complimentary closing:
Name of sender, signature and the designation:

#2 Informal Letter

It is the type of letter that is written for the exchange of informal messages or information. The purpose can be any casual one where you can use an informal letter.

The following are informal letter kinds.

Informal letter Types:

    • Letter for parents
    • Letter for siblings
    • Letter for friends
    • Letter for classmates
    • Letter for neighbors

Informal Letter Format

While writing an informal letter you must follow the following things

    1. The letter can be written in any format, unlike the formal letter.
    2. The letter language can be casual and very friendly.
    3. It can contain may extra information.
    4. You do not have to write a subject line.

Following is the format of the Informal letter:

    1. Address: The sender address followed by the receiver address. 
    2. Date: The current date after the address with one-line space.
    3. Salutation or Greeting: You must write Hello or Hi.
    4. Body: The main information of the letter is written in this part. It must be divided into three or more paragraphs.
    5. a) 1st Paragraph: beginning
    6. b) 2nd Paragraph: Main content
    7. c) 3rd Paragraph: ending
    8. Name of the sender and the signature
Informal Letter Format Template
Sender’s address
Receiver’s Address
Letter Body
Name of sender

Formal Letter Sample

The following are the samples for formal letters:

Situation: You must write a letter to the mayor of the city and tell him that there is a great problem in your area of waterlogging.

Formal Letter Sample

14 Round Colony,
Date: 24 September 20xx,
The Mayor,
Subject: Complaint about water logging problem in the round colony
Sir / Madam
I am ABC, the Round colony resident. The people of my area are continuously facing problems because of waterlogging.

In the season of Monsoon every year, the system of drainage gets blocked and the water stops in the streets. We have made requests many times in the committee, but our request is accepted, and we have to face the problems every year. Additionally, the people get so much affected by the diseases which are waterborne which is causing so many problems.

It is requested that you should consider the matter as early as possible.

Yours Sincerely,

Situation: Write an invitation letter to your friend for the birthday party. Also tell him/her about the details of the day, venue, time, etc. Additionally, also add the datils of the theme and the dress code.

informal Letter Sample

45 Bahria colony,
33 Round colony,
Date: 21 October 20xx,
Dear ABC,

I am writing you this letter to invite you to my birthday party on 25 October.

The party is going to be held at my home from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. The party theme is Spiderman, so it is requested that you wear some dress of red and black in color. You will enjoy it a lot as I’ve arranged different games such as Musk game, Spidey game and have also arranged the music show. I am so much excited as I am wearing the Spidey costume.

Looking forward to the confirmation.


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