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 Writing a Congratulating Letter - How do we Write a Felicitation Notes?

Congratulation Letters or Felicitation Notes convey the praise and appreciation of the achievements of an employee or appreciating the worker his award win in an event, or congratulating someone who is getting married or has married. So, in short all the letters that express praise or appreciation with a joy of happiness sharing are referred to as ‘Congratulation Letters’.

 Writing a Congratulating Letters

Congratulation letters are meant to convey a feeling of happiness and appreciation, by one person to another on promotion, when rewarded with some win or in case of marriage. When a felicitation letter is written, the writer conveys a feeling of happiness. Such letters are referred to as a ‘Congratulation Letters’ 

The field of technology has changed the tradition of conveying appreciating. The feelings are now conveyed by means of using social media, emails and due to these postcards are getting classical. But it is still a great idea to write a handwritten congratulation note to someone you really care about. This way the concerned person feels alleviated and through an exercise of professional courtesy.

This tradition of conveying appreciation to one another is an excellent exercise. The person receiving congratulation letter feels proud of the achievement and gains more energy and works harder. 

This article contains the following sub-topics:

  • How to write Congratulation Letters.
  • Prototypes
  • An Example
  • Format of the letter through Email

Congratulation Letters Basic Tips

  • Write to one who deserves it. 
  • Use words that convey your true feelings.
  • The letter must convey its purpose.
  • The effective date of promotion must be clearly mentioned.
  • No spelling or grammatical mistakes.
  • Must be thanked for contributing to the company/firm.
  • The letter is able to convey its purpose.

Congratulation Letter Format

[Name of the recepient],
[Designation] or [Relation],

[Name of the sender],
[Designation] or [Relation],

Subject: Letter of Congratulation


[Insert your congratulation note text here – the body of the letter].

[Best Regards],
[Name of Sender again].

  • Under the heading “FROM”. Write your name and address.
  • Under the heading “To” write the name and address of the person.
  • Write the subject of your letter.
  • Begin the letter with the words ‘Dear Sir or Madam’ or Name of the person.
  • Start by conveying the purpose of the letter, like, “You are being offered promotion based on your performance.
  • Some words of expectation from the person
  • End the letter with, ‘Best Wishes or ‘Regards’ Yours Truly. Finally, write your name.

One should write a letter as per the following example:-

Congratulation Letter Sample – Example

Abdul Rashid,
CEO, Venture Dive
DHA Phase-5,

Amana Azhar,
Venture Dive, DHA -5,

Subject: Promotion Letter

Dear Amana Azhar,

This is to inform you that, considering your performance in your last assignment, the management is pleased to give you a ’Promotion’ and appoint you as the head of the HR department, with effect from 01 April 2020.

Mr. Raziq Ali, the present head of the HR department has been transferred to the Head Office. Please accept my congratulation on a well-deserved promotion. Take over the new appointment immediately and get the required briefing from Mr. Raziq.

Wishing you the best of luck and looking forward to your contribution to your new assignment. 

Yours Sincerely,
Abdul Rashid.

Writing an Email letter is the latest trend, the format for a congratulation through an Email is based on a laid down format, The congratulation note email format is as follow: –

Congratulation Letter Email Note for New Born

To: Enter Email Address

From: Enter Email ID of the sender

The text is then written like a normal letter.

When to congratulate juniors, friends, relatives, and employees: –

Letters on Promotions and Retirements.

Letters Congratulating a friend.

Congratulation Letters on the newborn.

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