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Thank You Letter Writing (Formal & Informal): Thank You Letter Format, Sample, Template and Examples

Essential Tips on Writing a Formal and Informal Thank You Letter

Thank you letter is a way of paying gratitude and thanks to the recipient for their act of kindness with you.

Thank Your Letter falls in both the category of formal and informal letters. It actually depends on the fact that for whom this Thank you letter is being written. If the recipient is a company staff, business or similar then the letter written for him will be called formal thank you letter and if the recipient is family or friend then it will be called informal thankyou letter.

Do you want to know how you can write the best and great thank you letter for yourself? If you are going to write down a thank you letter, then definitely you need to be creative enough with your English writing skills. You have to write the letter in such a way as if you are explaining all your affection and gratitude in it.  

Sometimes as if you are writing down a letter in a hurry, you will probably make inevitable mistakes as in terms of the grammar and the spelling. But you don’t need to get worried about it because there are many grammar checking software available for you that will check your mistakes and then correct it for free. These softwares will protect or save you from all sorts of punctuation mistakes as well as grammar and spelling mistakes as well. Some of the people might choose to write down the thank you just as before the appearance of the job interview. But it is suggested to write down the thank you as after the successful job interview as well. There are so many reasons behind it. This is done to thank different people who have been involved in your whole interview session and even those who helped you to achieve the interview successfully.  

Different Types and Templates for Thank You Letters

You don’t need to get into any sort of excuse for sending a letter of thank you. There are so many different based on which you can look forward to writing down the thank you. Right here, we will be discussing some of the critical situations for you so you probably get an idea about what sort of thank you letters can work in different situations.  


  • Job Interview Thank-You Letter


As you have finally crossed yourself through the interview panel and now you are eager to join your new job, before that, it is essential to send a thank you letter to the company who has hired you. This will leave behind a lasting gratitude impression on the company as well. This will be a fantastic opportunity for you to let yourself be recognized as the best candidate for the company. You just need to keep it look subtle and straightforward. You just need to express the goal of your gratitude and not the full-on sales pitch. When writing down the letter to thank you for the company, it is essential to know about the culture of the company. Try to keep it personable and sincere. You have to thank you for the person who has taken your interview by taking his enough time out. 

Job Interview Thank You Letter Template and Sample:

Dear [Interviewer’s Name],

You have to open the letter with the thankful line. You have to simply personalize all the details about how much you enjoyed giving the interview and then talk about the manager and hiring team in nice words. You should add some sentences that might add some value to the whole discussion chart. You should simply be showing your inner passion for the position and working for the company. You should also be including some sentences about how happy you have been as you listen about your hiring. In the closing sentences, you have to all over again thank the company and provide some of your additional information. 

[Your Name].


  • Saying Thank-You to a Colleague

The next important letter of thank you letter is for the colleague. This letter is written to thank any of your colleagues who had gone far above the office decorum. This is some sort of professional gesture which you should not be ignored at all. If in case you did not have a good relationship with any of your employees, and before quitting the job you want to build a strong relationship with them, then don’t forget to send them a thank you letter. It would be a good gesture if you will meet them face to face with the letter along with some flower bouquet or gift in your hand. This can come about to be one of the best tools for cementing upon working relationships.

Thank You Letter Template and Sample

Dear [Recipient Name],

Hi [Name], mention the phrase Thank you for [specific statement that needs to be about what you are thanking the recipient as for]. Now start with the sentence in which you have to explain why the contribution of that person deserves gratitude from your side. Now, in the end, you have to explain the sentence related to the positive effect of the recipient’s main contribution had.

[Your Name].


  • Thanking Friends and Family


Most of the time, you could miss out thanking all those people who have been close to you and all those gestures which they have done for you. This is the moment when you should thank them from the bottom of your heart. You should be sharing a heartfelt message with them, which can be in the form of email or a brief letter. This is the best and yet the excellent way with which you can show your inner love and affection for the people whose contributions had played an important role to grab success in your life. 

Thank You Letter Template and Sample

Hi [Name],

You have to start the letter with the tank you statement in which you will be specifying the main reason why you are thanking them for this act.  You have to mention it in 2-3 lines that why the contributions of the recipients have been so much meaning for you. At an optional level, you can also add the statement about praising the main recipient for their kind gesture and affection. 

[Optional: Any personal form of the closing statement.]

[Your Name].

Final Take on Writing Thanks Letters

So this is how you can quickly write down the letter of thank you for your closed ones or even for the person who has taken your interview for the job hiring.  Always remember to keep the letter simple and subtle and make sure you use kind and affectionate words for the other person.

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