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Informal Letters: Understanding Types of Informal Letters, Informal Letters Format, Samples, Examples

How to Write an Informal Note?

Writing letters is important in daily life due to the means of formal or informal communication with friends, family and the workplace matters; and you must know how to write them. The written communication can be informal or formal depending upon the nature of the information you want to convey. However, in this article, we will tell you all about the informal letters and how you can improve them.

Informal Letters Understanding

The informal types of letters are usually written to the people whom you are close to such as your family, friends, relatives, etc. As the informal letters and informal notes are written to people with whom you have a personal relation, so, you can use the personal or informal tone while writing this letter. Additionally, you can also use the emotional tone while penning down a letter. 

The letters that are informal are used for communication that is very personal. This makes them follow any kind of pattern or convention. Moreover, an informal letter is written according to the wish of the writer and according to the situation. So, informal letters have very casual language. 

Informal Letter Format

As we mentioned earlier, informal letters do not have a specific format. But there are some general rules and conventions that are followed by the people. Following we will see the pattern and tips of how you can write an effective informal letter. However, keep in mind that these are just guidelines and you can change them according to your wish. 


The first and foremost thing you have to write is the address of yours. You must write the address on left side and make sure it is complete and accurate. It doesn’t matter to whom you are writing, it must be very clear as the other person also have to reply you back on that address. Moreover, if you’re writing to someone living in some other country then you also have to mention your country. 


After the address makes sure to write the date. This date should be the one on which you have penned down the letter. Additionally, this also helps in the keeping of the records that when was the communication initiated. 


Next comes the greetings or salutations. As you’re writing an informal letter then the greeting can also be informal. If you’re writing to a friend who is of your age, then you can write the first name such as ‘Dear Ali’. On the other hand, if you’re writing to the family member then you can greet like ‘Dear Dad’, ‘Dear Mom’, etc. Anyhow, if you’re addressing someone who is elder than you then you can use words like ‘Dear Mrs. Ahmed’. So, the greeting depends on the person to whom you are lettering the letter. 

Introduction Paragraph

Now after the greetings, you will have to write the letter. In the introduction paragraph, you have to set the letter tone. You can start by asking how the other person is. Or you can say that you hope you find them in very good health and spirits. Make sure the letter opening is informal, casual and very comforting. It shouldn’t be direct or formal like formal letters. 

Letter Body

After the introduction paragraph comes to the letter body. You’ve to write in a friendly tone by choosing accurate words. While writing to a friend you can use very flippant and casual language. But if you’re lettering to someone who is elder than you then you have to be considerate and very respectful. 

Another way by which you can set the letter tone is to remember how you talk to that person in real. This will automatically set the letter tone for you as you will use the proper sentiments and syntax for the letter. 


Finally, in the last paragraph, you must conclude the letter. Summarize what you have said previously and write the purpose of writing. Additionally, write a very affectionate goodbye. And last but not least don’t forget to ask the receiver to write you back as you will be waiting for the reply. This will show that you are eager to hear from the other side too. 


To sign off an informal letter, any words can be used as it doesn’t follow a proper format. Some of the common phrases used are as follows

    • With Love
    • Best Wishes,
    • Best,
    • Kindly,
    • Kind Regards,

Write the informal letter to the person which you like and then pen down your signature at the end.

Informal letter Sample and Example

Sector 18,
Round Society,

12th March, 20xx.

Dear Maha,

I hope you’re in good health. I received your letter last month and it was so good to hear that you were having so much fun in France. 

Thank you for all of the photographs you sent. I really liked the one in which you were posing in front of the Eiffel Tower. The background was very beautiful, and it makes me think that I should also plan for visiting France. 

There is a lot happening in my life too. I’m very busy nowadays with kids and work. 

Anyhow, is there any plan of yours to come to London? If there is some plan, then please let me know so we can meet and have a lot of fun. 

I’ll be waiting to hear from you. 

Kind Regards,

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