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Human Resource Correspondence Letters: Writing Letters to HR Departments

HR Letter of Correspondence

The letters written by the HR departments to the candidates or the letters written by the candidates for the HR department of companies are known to be Human Resource Correspondence Letters.

Writing letters for business communication is a very necessary tool. It helps in the efficient transmission of information to the individuals and the parties. Additionally, it also helps in record keeping. Among different types of business letters, correspondence of human resources is very important. The human resource department of a company plays an important role in the organization’s stabilization and recruiting new talent. 

Nowadays, technological improvements have changes to the organization’s structure. Companies are shifting towards technology more. But still, there are somethings which are old and are still followed. Among such practices is business correspondence and it’s the favorite one in every organization. The main reason for this is that it helps in the success and failure of businesses. 

#1 HR Correspondence Letters

In every company or organization, the recruitment of the right individuals plays an important role and for this purpose, the HR department is very crucial. It helps in dealing with matters related to the staff and the recruitment process. 

In the early days, the department of this type was not usually given any preference and many companies didn’t have it. However, with the passing times, the companies know it’s worth and almost all of the companies now have it. Anyhow, the HR department was also known as a personnel department in the early days. 

Later, when companies realized that it’s the people who change the organization fortune and not the machines then the personnel department again gained popularity and was termed as the HR department. 

The HR department has to write many various kinds of letters to people on a daily basis. The people in the HR department analyze and write these letters and for them, it is very necessary that they understand how to write them. Anyhow, the two important documents for HR department are as follows

#2 Job Application Correspondence Letters

Job application letters are the kind of formal letters. Whenever you want any job you have to search for it on various platforms. And for applying you need to have a resume and must know how to write a proper job application. Both things come in written communication and you have to be an expert in them if you want a job. 

The application for a job is very similar to the circular or notice you would find somewhere in your daily routine. By writing a job application you actually offer your skills and expertise in return of money. 

So, for any kind of job application, you must carefully draft an application. Anyhow, the resume and applications for jobs are two different things and they must not be confused. As resume only contain factual information and job application is a description of what you can offer.

You can apply to jobs in so many ways without actually writing a job application. Most of the organizations’ post adds about vacant positions and also maintain the database. Some companies depend upon the placement agencies for recruitment of individuals. However, the other option is that people can send their CVs online and then they can wait for an invitation call.

Apart from these, you can also get a job through the agency call from the company head office. So, after seeing the advertisement you can just send in your resume and can get the job.

A job application is a form of a sales letter. In this sales letter, you sell yourself. You offer your skills, expertise, qualifications in return for the reward. Additionally, you also sell your strengths that will be valuable for the organization. 

#3 Resume Correspondence Letters

As mentioned before, a resume is basically a factual document containing facts about someone. It includes professional and personal skills. You must send the resume with every job application as it will give a quick overview of you.

For a resume, many different terms are used such as curriculum vitae (CV) or bio-data. Before sending such documents for job purpose make sure you proofread them from someone to find your mistakes. 

A resume that is ideal is not a long and lengthy document. It is mostly of one page and has information like your age, gender, education, skills, etc. 

Moreover, it is very necessary that you write or print your resume on a paper having good quality. The presentation must be very neat with proper spaces and indentions. Additionally, also make sure that the resume does not have any grammar, punctuations and spelling mistakes. 

The following are some of the details you must add to the resume:

  • Academics details 
  • Personal details
  • Extra qualifications 
  • Experience in a chronological order
  • Languages 
  • References

Lastly, make sure you follow a proper resume format. You can get all formats online or in books.

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