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Sales Correspondence – Letter of Sale: Sales Letter Format, Sales Correspondence Template, Sample and Example

Sales Correspondence Writing Tips - Letter of Sale Writing instructions

Sales correspondences are the ones that are written for the purpose of trade between two parties. Sales letters are the form of business correspondence as it gives information about the product that is going to be sold. And they are very efficient to deal with clients. 

The sale letter can target a person or group of people to gain their attention. In the letter of sale, a salesman discusses the letter’s purpose such as the specification of product, service, nature of trade, shipping cost, shipping duration, support after-sales service, and other sales-related matters. Moreover, it can be a particular or formal letter written for the purpose of making a trade.

Sales Letter Objectives & Advantages 

Sales Letter Objectives:

  • It aims to reach a person so that he can purchase your product. 
  • Marketing and introduction of new services and products. 
  • To influence potential customers.
  • Market expansion.

Sales Letter Advantages:

  • Writing a letter of sales is cost-effective.
  • A sales letter can be written electronically or via hardcopy
  • Can reach the salesman in due time without any hassle. 
  • Can target a lot of people at the same time.
  • Easy to understand and can provide full details. 
  • More comprehensive, efficient and convenient.

Sales Correspondence Writing Tips 

  • Write the letter in a way that compels the receiver to take positive action. 
  • Give a very good and proper introduction to the product and yourself. 
  • Give clear information about the product.
  • Make sure you choose the right words for a targeted audience. 
  • Always write a catchy headline.
  • Always try to make the introduction paragraph count. 
  • Use appropriate styles of font, numbering, bullets, etc. 
  • Give the proper statements that show product credibility. 
  • Use appropriate closing sentences.
  • Write the correct salutations. 
  • Give all the necessary details of the product and its availability. 
  • Always ask the reader for his attention and build his interest in the letter. 
  • Use a very simple, convincing and understanding language. 
  • Avoid using complex and uncertain words. 
  • Do not use funny or frank words.
  • Make sure to write our name, contact details, and signature.
  • Avoid slang or fancy words.
  • Always proofread your letter.

Sales Letters Types

Sales letters are written for a specific purpose. This purpose can be of new service or product introduction, new offers, incentive selling, etc. Let’s look at some sales letter types.

#1 Introductory Sales Letter

This kind of sale letter is used to introduce a product. Additionally, it has all the information that how people can get benefited after purchasing such a product or service. The introductory sales letter should be very catchy and must grab all the attention. 

#2 Product Update Sales Letter

As it can be inferred from the name, this kind of sales letter gives all of the information about product update and how it is different from the previous one. Additionally, the details of the discount and purchase can be included in this letter. 

#3 Selling Incentive Letter of Sale

This letter helps in the promotion of the previously existing products among the customers. The letter has to be very catchy and efficient to persuade the reader.

#4 Thank You Letter

Thankyou letters are written to the customers to thank them for being valued customers. Additionally, it can also have information about new product availability. 

#5 Holiday Celebration deal or promotion Sales Letter

A letter of this kind shows the product to customers as a present. It gives information about the offers and discounts that are limited to the holiday season. 

#6 Invitation Sales Letter

The invitation sale letter invites the customers to a different celebration. It can make the customer feel very important.

#7 Lost Customer letter of sale

A sales letter of this kind is for lost customers who are not too much activity. In this letter, you can offer them deals so that they can purchase products from you again.

Sales Letter Elements & Format

Sales Letter Elements 


The sales letter headline should be very catchy, and it should grab the reader’s attention which is a major purpose of the letter.


In the first introductory paragraph of the letter, you must give details of the service or product you’re selling. Additionally, it also has information on quality, savings, cost, and other information. 


In the letter body, the writer has to build his credibility. You must tell the product worth it, how it is different from others? satisfied customers list, contract terms, etc. 

Call to Action

In this part, the sender will ask for the response of the reader and can also show gratitude. Additionally, it can also contain information on discounts, warranty, etc.

Sales Letter Sample and Example, Format

Letterhead of organization,


Sender’s name,
Organization name,

Greeting/Salutation, for example, Dear ABC 

Introduction paragraph containing all of the catchy information about the product. 

The second paragraph containing information about discounts, etc.

The third paragraph containing the contact details.

Closing Salutation,

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