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How to Write a Goodwill Letter?

Different companies use different ways to build a strong position in the market. Among these ways, there is a way of writing goodwill letters to other companies and individuals person. However, goodwill letters aren’t compulsory to write but they help in making good relationships with other organizations, and individual persons. Moreover, goodwill letters are also written between people to people for expressing good gestures such as congratulatory messages, thank you notes and sympathy letters. On the other hand, clients also write goodwill letters to companies or organizations to have some benefits. 

A company can translate goodwill letters to financial gain but initially, it inscribes the letter to owners of the company for courtesy. If we look into history, then it can be seen that good human relations provide the backbone of flourishing businesses. 

Thus, when you write the goodwill letter make sure it follows some rules. One thing that must be kept in mind while writing a goodwill letter is that it must be very brief. You must not add any of the emotions or personal feelings into the letter details. So, this means that an appropriate formal tone is needed to be upheld while lettering a letter of Goodwill. 

Additionally, you must not use any stereotypes while writing Goodwill letters and should keep the tone of the letter very formal. However, the formality could depend upon recipient status. If you have a good relationship with the receiver then you may use the informal language. 

If it’s possible for you then write a goodwill letter by hand. However, if you’re sending a print then you must pen down the signature by hand. 

 Goodwill letters types 

There are different types of letters of Goodwill that companies send to one another. 

  • Thankyou letters
  • Condolences letter
  • Sympathy letters

#1 Thankyou letters

In our lives, we need favors from others either they are professional or personal favors. So, when we get the favors we say thank you to others and professionally we write thankyou letters to the companies for their favors they have done to our company. 

Writing a thank you letter is a very great opportunity to show your gratitude. For example, you have ordered a large number of goods from a company and you have also got the delivery on time, then it is a very good time to write a thank you letter to the other company. 

#2 Sympathy letters

Being a goodwill ambassador you need to share the joys and pains of your colleagues and friends. Whenever you get any information that someone is suffering from pain then make sure you say kind words to that person and write sympathy letters. Companies write sympathy letters to other companies when they’ve suffered a loss in the business. 

While writing sympathy letters you need to be very careful and cautious about the words as they must be according to the situation and must console a person. Additionally, in the sympathy letters, companies also offer some help to other organizations. This help is usually of financial help. The gestures of this kind put an effect on the other organization and are very long-lasting. However, keep in mind that if you do not fulfill promises then you may lose the goodwill you gained through sympathy letter. 

#3 Congratulatory letters

As the name shows the congratulatory letters are written to congratulate companies on their achievements. Moreover, while working in a company there will be many occasions when you will have to congratulate your colleagues on their awards, promotion, recognition, etc. Anyhow, while writing such a letter make sure it is very brief, formal and professional. 

 #4 Goodwill letter by Customer

Customers write goodwill letters to banks, creditor or the lender to eliminate the mistakes or missed payments from the credit report. This is also recognized as a goodwill adjustment. However, it’s not the obligation of the creditor to show you any mercy after receiving a goodwill letter from a customer. 

However, keep in mind, that writing a goodwill letter will not be a good option if the credit file you possess is very messy and if you’re wanting some boost in credit score. But if you have a good history of paying back the money and paying your bills on time then you can write a goodwill letter. Additionally, your convincing skills also play an important role to get your letter considered by another end.

When to write a goodwill letter?

Letters of goodwill can sometimes help to remove the credit mistakes. The following are some of the cases in which you can actually get benefit from the goodwill letter.

  • Missed payment due to emergency

It may happen that there may be some emergency and you forget to make a payment. For example, your home has been damaged by flood or you’ve encountered a traffic accident. In such circumstances, you won’t be able to pay the bill of credit card and can write a letter of goodwill.

  • Payment transmission failure 

There’s a possibility that your payment had not been transmitted through online channels efficiently because bank servers are down or it is because your internet got disconnected. In any of this situation, you can write a letter of goodwill and can get the situation resolved.

  • Change of address

In a situation in which you’ve moved to a new address and have forgotten to update your address in the documents. Perhaps you were not able to receive your bill and have missed the payment. In this situation, you can also write a letter of goodwill to a creditor. 

Tips to Write Goodwill Letter

The following are some of the tips to write a good goodwill letter:

    • Be polite
      Always write in a very polite tone. Additionally, remember that the creditor has no obligation towards you, to solve your problem.
    • Don’t write unnecessary details
      In the letter, the body doesn’t write extra details on what so ever. Writing the unnecessary details would lead to the distraction and the creditor will take no interest in your letter.
    • Include evidence
      Make sure you add the evidence that supports your claim in the letter. This will make your goodwill letter worthy to read and the reader will also show you some courtesy. For example, the evidence could be a hospital bill if you’ve encountered the accident or new address copy if you’ve shifted to a new place
    • Deliver the letter to the right person
      It is recommended that you make sure that the letter reaches the right person. For this purpose, submit a letter to the customer service department.
    • Follow up
      It’s possible that you’ll not hear the response immediately. So, make sure you make a call or email to the concerned authority after 30 days.

Goodwill Letter Sample and Example

Regarding: Account Number. XXXXXXXXXX,
New Household PO Box 1345,
Band Street, VA 66456,

Respected Sir/Mam

I’m writing this letter to you because I’m very happy with the service your company is providing, and I also have a request. It’s stated that my trade line of Mortgage on credit files has mistakes and I want it to be revised. 

I got Home Mortgage on 2nd October, 20xx which was one year before the separation with my husband. Anyhow, during my divorce proceedings, I had to pay bills of two households as I was enforced to leave my home. This is the reason I haven’t paid some of my bills. 

However, the mortgage finally fell into the foreclosure during the spring of 20xx. Your company helped me a lot during the hard times of divorce and the financial crisis I faced. The company had helped me in maintaining my payments during the times when I was thinking to sell the house and had prevented foreclosure from happening. This has really helped me in moving forward. 

Now after the divorce, I’m trying that my credit gets rebuilt so that I can have a new mortgage. My records show that I’m a responsible citizen and I’ve always paid my payments on time. I am making a request to you to give me a second chance and please give me a credit rating that is positive. I hope you will look into this matter as I am begging you to make such consideration. Please contact me if there is a need for any additional documents. 

Whatever decision you make, please keep in mind that I am forever grateful for what your company has done for me at the time when I was in need of it. I hope I’ll do business with your company again someday. 

Very Expectantly, 


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