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Business Correspondence Letters: How important is making Business Correspondence?

The best way to communicate with people is through letters or texts. These ways are also used in businesses to correspond with other people and thus are known as business correspondence. In this article, we will let you know about business correspondence.

Meaning and Importance of Business Correspondence

There can be several reasons for which you will want to communicate. For example, you have been given a project at a university and you are five members in the group. In order to discuss the project, you will need to communicate through texts or phone calls so that the project can be completed. All of this communication will be referred to as business letter communication.

Apart from this, you may need to ask something from the professor and he’s out of town. Then you will need to communicate with him through letters or text so that your problem can be solved at urgent basis. 

Normal people express their thoughts, opinions, ideas, and views through writing. In the same way, people who do business also express their thoughts by writing letters or texts. Businesses people write letters mostly because the record can be maintained. 

Business Correspondence Meaning 

The common way of expressing your thoughts is through written correspondence. And in the world of business, the written correspondence is known as business correspondence. Additionally, business correspondence can also be used to ask uncertainties or doubts. These are the kind of business letters exchanged between business to business and business to consumers.

A businessman recovers and writes a lot of letters on a daily basis. All kinds of letters written in the business context come under business correspondence. They can be complaint letters, inquiry letters, letters to suppliers, job applications, resignation letters, etc. 

Business Correspondence Importance

There are many advantages to business correspondences. One big advantage is that you can communicate with a lot of people by writing just one letter, as meeting with many people on a daily basis is somewhat difficult. 

Additionally, business correspondences help in meeting organizational goals. You can always achieve your business goals through business correspondence. Let’s look at some of the organizational goals as below:

  1. Maintenance of a Relationship

For any organization or company, it’s not possible that they reach every person personally as this may cost them time and money. In this case, business correspondence saves businesses while transmitting the desired information to people.

Business correspondence also helps in the maintenance of a good relationship between different parties. Additionally, it can also be used for internal communication as it helps in transmitting the information in a clear and precise way. 

  1. Keeping of a record 

Business correspondence serves a great deal of communication evidence between parties. It helps businessmen to keep records of all of the facts and information shared with others.

  1. Maintain & Create Goodwill

They also help in maintaining and creating a sense of goodwill between the customer and the business. Letters of complaint, enquire, feedbacks help the organizations to maintain goodwill and aids them to grow. 

  1. Convenient & Cheap

One of the biggest advantages of business correspondence is that they’re very convenient and cheap. 

  1. Formal Communication

Business correspondence is a type of formal communication that happens between people or companies. Communication can be among the two employees of the same company. Anyhow, the correspondence is always written logically and formally. 

Formal letter communication is always acceptable in businesses. It serves clear information without any ambiguities to the other companies and people.

  1. Helps in Business Expansion

One of the big advantages of business correspondence is that it helps in the achievement of a business goal. It helps in business expansion by just communicating with others and not utilizing any of the manpower or financial resources. 

Through a business correspondence, you can also spread your business in an effective way. Additionally, the inquiry about the services and products can also be done through business correspondence. 

Business Correspondence Types 

Business correspondences can be of many types. Let’s look at a few of them as follows. 

  1. Internal Correspondence

This type of correspondence happens between the departments, branches or individuals of the same organization. 

  1. External Correspondence

Correspondence of this type happens among the individuals belonging to different organizations. It can happen between the suppliers and customers, between different banks, among educational institutions, departments of government, etc.

  1. Routine Correspondence

It is the correspondence of routine matters. It includes the correspondence for orders, replies, inquires, invitation, acknowledgments, appointments, etc on a routine basis. 

  1. Sales Correspondence

This type of correspondence happens when sales are done. It includes sales reports, invoices, sales letters, order confirmations, delivery letters, account statements, etc. 

  1. Personalized Correspondence

Correspondence of this type is based on emotional factors. It includes request letters, recommendation letters, letters of congratulations, introduction, refusal, grants, etc. 

  1. Circulars Correspondence

Circulars are used for sending information to a great number of people or firms in one instance. It includes tender notices, address changes, new branch openings, new product descriptions, etc.

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