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Block Format Letter: Template, Sample and Example of Block Format Letters

A Guideline for Writing a Block Format Letter

The block format has single spacing between lines all of the text is kept left-aligned. The block format is most commonly used while writing business letters.

A block format or a business letter format is commonly used to write professional letters.

5 Components of Block Format Letter

You should always bear in mind that there are five vital & basic components when writing a block formatted letter. The five components are heading, inside address, greeting, body, complimentary closing & signature. 

There is also a range of essential considerations about the layout of a letter in block format. All text must be left-aligned, without any indentations at the beginning of paragraphs. The text must be single-spaced, with a line left between each paragraph. Extra space between the closing & signature is generally left for the sender to sign ink black or blue ink.

Now let’s have a look at this example of a blocked format business letter:

Block Format Business Letter Sample

2346 East 26th Street,
Clinton, IN 57689,
April 14, 2021.

Maurice Michael,
Classic Technology Systems,
1400 Pennsylvania Ave NW,
Washington DC 20500

Dear Mr. Michael: 

I am writing this letter to apply for the role of a software developer as you have advertised in the Clinton News. You will find in my CV that I have the experience that qualifies me for this position. My experience has earned me several creative & technological skills required to effectively deliver multifaceted technology remedies to your business.

Over the last six years, I have worked on different projects of developing software for an individual & three companies namely Samsung, HTC, & Amazon. My experience is diverse as I have worked on a mixture of projects such as web development, artificial intelligence, simulations, & made multiple android projects. I am currently finishing a six months application development project for XYZ Company.

I have developed my skills over several years of DevOps practice, addressing issues in the areas of database technology, programming, operating systems.

It would an honor to work for Classic Technology Systems & I would appreciate the opportunity to offer more exposure regarding my expertise in project management, technological skills, personal qualities and track records of achievements in developing profit-making compatible technologies across various networks, browsers, & devices.

Thank you for reflecting on my eligibility for this post. I expect to hear from you about arranging an interview shortly. 


(Space for inked signature),
Alexandra Remi,
Enclosure: Resume.

Note: As you may have noticed, the salutation ends with a colon & not a comma. This is because commas are typically used in an informal letter whereas in a block formatted letter you will insert a colon.

Following is a template alone to guide you through writing a block format letter: 

Block Format Letter Template


Jack Kolinsky,
6789 East 26th Street,
Clinton, IN 57689

April 14, 2020

Reference: Account Number xxx-xxxx,
Ola Jacob, ABC Representative,
1400 Pennsylvania Ave NW,
Washington DC 20500.

Attention: ABC Representative

Dear Ms. Jacob:

Subject: xxx



Jack Kolinsky,

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