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How to Call in Sick Person Back to Work Politely? – Identify Fake Sick Leaves

Worst Ideas to ask for a Sick Leave

Sick Leave Letters are formal application letters to request a day off from work. The sick leave letter can be written in block format and must include valid reasoning to ask for a leave.

As every human gets sick sometimes because it’s natural and going to work is not easy in such a situation. But sometimes we have no illness but we want a day off by giving sick leave. Maybe you do not just want it but you need it for some personal reasons. According to a survey it has been proved that almost thirty-four percent take sick leave while they are not sick.

According to another survey forty percent of people are not sick when they take sick leave. Almost forty-three percent are females as compared to males who are almost thirty-five percent. While twenty-eight percent are those who think that they need to make excuses to take leave for the available paid leaves 

The question is how should you take such leaves? Either you are sick or not, your explanation should be the same and seems like the real application. You should tell your manager without wasting any time and also should prepare some strong explanations of your sickness. 

Some organizations provide you the facility of limited but paid sick leaves. If you are a regular employee you must have an idea of who should be informed in such a case. You should follow the rules set by organizations because if you do not do so you could be fired. So you should know what is necessary and what can be the possible reasons to take the leaves just like a professional.

Paid vs. Unpaid Sick Leave

According to the Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA) payment is not necessary for the off days involving any kind of leaves or vacations. While many organizations sometimes facilitate their workers for paid sick leaves. So it depends on the organization you are working in. seventy-one percent of organizations offered paid sick days to their workers according to research in 2018.

Tricks to take sick leaves

Call your manager through a perfect sensible source.

You should know what is a good source of communication with your boss? If calling on the phone is not a good option then you should send some emails, text messages or letters. If you have a problem while writing such texts you should take help from sick leave templates and samples. 

Inform your boss immediately.

If you opened your eyes in the morning with illness and you do not want to work that day, do not waste your time. You should inform your boss as soon as possible. This is because if your boss called you before you, it causes a bad impression.

Short but accurate information.

While informing your illness you should not provide long details. Your boss has not enough time to read your lengthy messages or email. Provide to the point but a complete explanation.

Inform your co-workers.

If you are a team player or a team leader, your absence can cause problems. So you should also inform your team immediately so that they could handle the work pressure on time with some alternatives. Your sudden absence without informing anyone can stop your team from meeting deadlines.

Describe your availability.

Sometimes the work has a lot of pressure on you. If you are a team leader you have to instruct your time on phone or emails. So inform your physical and mental condition to your partner before, that you will be available or not.

Provide necessary information.

Your sudden absence can cause many tasks to stop but do not let them stop if these tasks are necessary. For example let assume you have some important documents and you need to attend a meeting while your team member has also a copy of that document. So you should inform your manager that you cannot attend the meeting but your companion can make it.

Follow up.

Sometimes some companies are conscious and strict about employee’s leaves. They require some medical proof for the sick leaves. So you should follow the rules and regulations set by your company.

Trick to take Fake Sick Leaves

Many organizations do not provide their employees with personal leaves. But what about your mind and body freshness and relaxations while you are not allowed for personal leaves. In such cases what could you do?

Sick leaves are the only options in this situation. For sick leaves we have already told you about. You should follow the same tricks and procedures. While you should also need to follow some more tricks that are helpful to overcome the situation.

Choose the perfect time.

Choosing a perfect time is necessary for fake leaves because if you choose Friday (a day before holidays) or Monday (a day after holidays) then your manager could easily predict that you are just planning to lengthen your holidays. So if these days are not the priority then you should choose a random day from the week to take leaves. 

Do not call on the phone.

Everyone is not a good liar. Many of us hesitate when lying. So we prefer that you should not directly call your manager on the phone. Straightforward communication can make you confused and you could fail to make lame excuses. This can cause you to lose your trust and provide a bad impression on your managers. Send some emails or letters which are suitable. But if your manager believes in direct conversation you should call earlier. It reduces the chance of being failed and getting caught.

Very short explanation.

As we already discussed short explanations but in such cases it should be very short. Long explanation requires many lies as compared to short. More lies create more chances to get confused. But providing a short explanation does not mean you do not listen to other queries of your manager. You should just tell them that you have an illness but if your manager makes some queries you should answer them but keep them short. While there are many excuses that are more suitable in different situations. These are helpful for full day leave or half-day leaves.

Hide your lies from everyone.

Maybe your team members are very close to you. You share too many talks between one another but you should not talk about lame sick leave. Some people are not good at hiding the talks so do not take risks by telling anyone.

Be careful with social media.

Many people are fond of uploading every moment of life on social media. We are not stopping you from doing it. But in fake leaves you should not upload your status on social media because it can get you caught. Many people get leaves by telling their managers that they are sick but then they upload their photos of parties on social media. Thus they get caught by the managers. So do not do it to be trustworthy.

Put much effort after leaves.

You should work more effectively after your leave. You should represent your company that you are really a hard worker and trustworthy. Show your affection towards work and success by putting your full efforts to speed up your work and recover the work that has been postponed.

Excuses to avoid for Successful Leaves

Some people think that making a unique excuse can help them for successful leaves but that’s not the case. Here are some that should be avoided.

    • Terrified from a dangerous animal in the courtyard.
    • Cell phone get burned on hands
    • Worker ate something bad at a party.
    • My arm got cracked while fighting a bodybuilder.
    • My uniform is not fitting because I got fat.
    • My vehicle keys have been swallowed by my dog or cat.
    • My clothes are in the laundry and it is closed so I cannot come to the office.
    • Gas or petrol is not enough to go to work.
    • I am afraid of the solar eclipse because I got an allergy from it so I cannot join today.

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