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Friendly Letter Format: How do people Write Friendly Letters to Each Other? – Friendly Letter Sample and Template Making

How to Write a Friendly Letter?

Friendly letters are written between friends, family, peers, relatives, acquaintances and in some cases office colleagues to express an informal feeling through words. The tone of the friendly letter is kept informal.

In this article, we will provide you the guidelines to write a friendly letter. Friendly letters are more of an informal form of a letter. They are written to anyone you’re in a relationship, for example, your friends, family, colleagues or acquaintances. 

Now talking about the letter format your address, date, the complimentary closure, & your signature must all be indented to the right side of the letter in this format. You can decide how far you want the indentation. You can judge on your own according to your preference but it must be orderly & neat. However, the heading & the complimentary closing has to be in a line. The first line of every paragraph is indented as well.

Format of Friendly Letters and Template Guidelines

The following headings will break the format into bits to simply help you understand better. 

#1 Sender’s Address 

When writing a friendly letter, on the first line you start with your street address. On the second line, you will write your state, city & your zip code. Remember that, the address isn’t necessary in case you’ve printed the letter with a letterhead on it.

#2 The Date 

Stating the date the letter was written on is important. It must be in the format of Month Day Year (April 10, 2020). After writing the date, leave a line & then write the salutation. 

#3 The Greeting

The greeting or salutation begins with “Dear XYZ” or “Hey”. It is important to remember that the greeting ends with a comma or it can even end with an exclamation to accentuate. 

#4 The Body

This part is where your message to the receiver begins. You can start with an introductory paragraph where you can ask how the recipient is & further state the reason for your writing to them. The paragraphs need to be single-spaced with a line separating every paragraph.  

#5 Complimentary Closing

After the body, you must leave two lines & write the complimentary closing. This part informs the recipient that you’ve completed the letter. You can close by ‘Thank you’, ‘Sincerely’ or ‘Sincerely yours’. End the closing with a comma & remember that the second word of the closing is not capitalized. 

#6 Signature

The signature or your name is commonly written with blue/black pen. Leave a line after this to add a P.S. if necessary.

#7 PostScript (P.S.) 

In case you didn’t know P.S. means postscript. It is to add a further message to your letter. Without further ado, below you will find the format to a friendly letter:

Return Address


Body (Para # 1)

Body (Para # 2)

Body (Para # 3)

Complimentary Conclusion (Thank you) 

Your Name (Signature)


Note: In case you’re writing a friendly email, you would skip the return address & date & begin straightaway with the greeting (Dear XYZ). 

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