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Fundraising Letter Format: Fundraising Appeal Letter Sample, Template, Example

Rules of Writing a Fundraising Letter

Fundraising letters are known as formal letters that are written for standard donation requests for some noble cause.

The fundraising appeal letters are addressed to people who are charitable and willing to donate. So, fundraising letters are written for the request of collecting funds or donations. Purposes of collecting this donation should be written in detail in the fundraising letter to convince the donor.

Objectives of the Fundraising Letter

  • Explain financial needs.
  • Provide payment platforms to the donors.
  • Make bonds between the needy and the helper.

The letters of the fundraising are also known as appeal letters, written for financial support. Two types of appeal letters are there to raise funds:

#1 Individual Appeals; in this, a letter is written to a specific person, and addressed to the individuals that can help.

#2 Corporate Appeals; in this, a letter is written cooperation from anywhere or specific organization. This appeal is sent to the local, small, and large business levels. 

It is an easy task, but an effective fundraising letter is required for the collection of a large number of donations. The polite tone should be applied while writing it because it is a request letter, not a demanding letter. This letter is just written in a story form, explains the reasons for requesting funds and then all the potential concerns are addressed. Make sure that all the important information is included in it.

Tips for Writing a Fundraising Letters (Appeal Letters)

The fundraising letter consists of all the information that is related to the program that is going to be conducted for raising the funds. It is a great idea to Mention the expected benefits of working with this fundraising program or project. It is advised to use a humble and convincing tone in your letter. The purpose of collecting these funds should be crystal clear.

Mention details about the required amount for this purpose. It makes it easy for the donor to decide on donating. Write a brief account of the past progress of the organization that will increase the reliability of the reader or donator. If there is any past contribution of the donor, then admire him too. Pay thanks to the reader or expected donators and mention your hopes from them for the requested fund donation.

Format of a Fundraising Letter

Write your fundraising letter in a personal touch form by using “I” and “YOU” words. Try to use the word “YOU” instead of “I”, it creates a great impact on the reader and helps to grab the reader’s attention.

Donor in return also expects good feelings as a reward. So talk about benefits more as compared to the needs. So they are more concerned about knowing the motive for this conductivity.

Tell straightforwardly, the required money for this program. No need to feel shy while requesting the expecting required money. 

The letter should be written in a professional formal letter format that means a proper letterhead, right font size and leaving proper spacing, etc.

Some more format guidelines for writing a fundraising appeal letter are as follows:

    • Avoid writing too long sentences, it loses the attention of the reader. It should be concise, clear and simple. 
    • Adjectives and adverbs should be used. 
    • Avoid use of abbreviations.
    • Keywords and phrases should be written in bold letters.
    • Between the paragraphs, proper spacing should be followed, for making it easy to read.
    • Paragraphs are written not more than six to seven lines in it.
    • Bullet points can be used for making it more important.
    • And if in case of too long, then add subheadings, for making it impactful.
    • An appreciative reason should be mentioned for donating.
    • The time limit is also written in it for completing the project or program on time.
    • For convincing a reader for donation, adding a personal touch is a good option. 
    • Headlines should be so impacted that it grabs the attention of a reader.

Characteristics of an Effective Fundraising Letter

    • Letters should be personalized by using the first name.
    • Admired the donors, for his past support for the organization.
    • Describe the story that is based on truth and heartfelt. 
    • Show off or exaggerate the situation, move the letter to the rubbish, try to avoid them.
    • Write it to a specific right person from the hope of help is connected.
    • The letter of fundraising should be professional.
    • The good description makes it effective.

Fundraising Letter Sample

William Jones,
The Helping Group,
Washington, America.

May 15, 2021.

Emma Smith,
Vice President.
K.D Company.

Dear Ms. Emma

Washington, America.

Subject: Request for donating Funds for conducting a state-level match for middle-class students.

We are going to inform you that we are conducting a cricket match for the students. These students do not belong to creamy layers of schools but contain extremely talent and interest.

The need is to encourage these talented students. So, we are going to do a small effort, by conducting a cricket match on a state level for them. 

We sincerely request you to donate a sum of rupees 500$. This competition enhances their talent and sets a career path for their future. We have arranged places to play and transport.

But Consolation gift and Prize money required for which we need your donation.

We have attached the brochure with bank details and also an invitation of coming June 29, 2018.

We will be honored by your presence in Washington 32 Ground and distribute the rewards among students.

We will be urgently waiting for your consideration. 

William Jones.
Executive Director.


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