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Acknowledgment Letter Format: Letter of Acknowledgment Types, Samples, Templates and Examples

Letter of Acknowledgment Samples

An acknowledgment letter is a type of formal letter written in reply or response to the receiving of a business document. This letter of acknowledgment normally acts as a recipient letter, so it is also known to be letters of the recipient. Formal language should be used, because of business letters.

The acknowledgment letter tone should be polite, and it is used for serving legal purposes like a confirmation to the recipient. Send it as soon as possible after receiving the original letter. Write it in a concise form rather than exaggerating it.

Acknowledgment Letter Types

There are following types of the acknowledgment letter:

#1 Acknowledge Of CV

It is written for the confirmation of a resume document that has been received.

#2 Acknowledge of Resignation

It is written for confirmation of the acceptance of the resignation letter.

#3 Acknowledgment of Business

It is written to confirm the business document that has been received.

How to write a Letter of Acknowledgment?

Following steps are required for writing a acknowledge letter:

#1 Form Outline

Firstly, an outline should be formed by writing requirements related to it. Keep the relevant documents, if a letter is going to be written to acknowledge a product.

#2 Draft the rough copy of it

Draft a rough copy of a letter by using the created information related to the acknowledgment. In the drafting process, a recipient writes anything that comes into his mind. Then read this drafting content for finding out mistakes.

#3 Specify it to the concerned one 

Specify the person’s name to which it acknowledged. This is more impactful as compared to generally referring to the company or the organization name.

#4 Keep it Clear and Concise

    • It must be clear and concise. 
    • Write up straightforwardly. 
    • Repetitive information not added while writing this. 

#5 Grammatical errors and Spelling Mistakes

Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes should be checked by proofreading. This proofreading makes the letter flawless. A sense of completeness should be followed. The acknowledgment Letters should be meaningful.

#6 Business Communication

In this, as it is written for the confirmation of the receiving business document or a letter. So, it shows the relationship between the company and the employee, or between two different companies. 

As in business communication, formal attitude should be applied so write it formally. Subject, line, and date are essential elements included in it. 

#7 Important phrases to be included in it

    • I wish to thank you for sending me the documents…
    • I am writing for confirmation of your resignation submitted…
    • I am writing to inform you…
    • I received your return goods…

Rules for writing a Professional Acknowledge Letter

As it is used by a company for communication in a formal way. It is different from other letters. While writing it must apply the following rules:

    • The first rule is to analyze the purpose of writing this letter.
    • The date must be mentioned in the upper left side corner of the letter.
    • Then under the date, the recipient name should be written.
    • Then write the complete company name with address.
    • The greeting should be used properly like Sir, Dear, etc.
    • Font should be used according to formal business patterns.
    • The enclosure of this letter is to be done with “Sincerely” like a word. 
    • In the end, I printed it and signed it.

Acknowledging by Email

Drafting an acknowledging email is easy if the basics of an acknowledgment letter are to be known. But some differences are mentioned as follow:

    • In an email, no need to add the address above the email body.
    • It is more clear and concise than the acknowledgment letter.
    • Tips for writing a perfect Acknowledging Email:
    • Notify or inform the client or partner that you have examined it.
    • If any kind of change is required in the document or agreement then notify the client or partner.
    • If there is a delay in order, then let them know.

The layout of an Acknowledgement letter

Format or layout of an acknowledgment letter consists of the following components:

#1 A Letter Header

It consists of names and addresses.

#2 Name of the recipient 

In this, the name of the specified person is written to whom it is concerned rather than the company name. Below this, the date is written. 

#3 Body of the Letter

A subject is that, what was the acknowledging? In a body. Then start with “Dear”.

#4 First Paragraph;

Introductory lines of companies related to their services are written.

#5 The second Paragraph

Simplify the objectives of writing purposes. Confirmation of receiving a product or any of the documents. Thanks to the sender.

#6 Enclosure

In enclosure use the following words sincerely, thank you 

#7 Signature

Should be done after printing it.

Acknowledgment Letter Sample

Manager of IT,

D/C Company,


Subject: Letter of Acknowledgment

Dear Hollie,

I am writing this to acknowledge the receiving of a business letter and personally examine it. If there is no problem to be found, then the business letter returned to you within a couple of days.

If the further need is a concern, I will be in contact with you. Thank you for showing your trust in my company, and hope we will work in the future. 

Dynamic company.

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