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Business Letters: Formal and informal Business Letters, Parts of Business Letter, Format and Composing Guidelines of a Letter of Business

Business Letter Writing Instructions

A formal document sent from one company to another company or from the company of a consumer is known as a business letter. The letter of business is also sent from a company to its employees and clients. 

This letter is used for professional communication. Many organizations followed this method. It should contain accurate information and the proper professional format of a letter

A particular format or style should be specified while writing a business letter.

Objectives of writing a business letter

    • For exchanging business information
    • Ordering services and goods
    • Conveying good and bad news
    • Giving suggestions for widening the business area
    • Maintaining records.

Who can write a Business Letter?

The people who are into some profession may write this business letter. The majority of business and professional people write this kind of letter. The people working in banks, companies, firms, and organizations also use business letters.

A business letter is a mode of communication and information sharing in business:

It is a connection of communication between the two participants; one is the sender who wrote this letter. And to whom the sender writes a business letter is a recipient. 

A sender may be a business person or a citizen and a recipient may be a consumer or a government official. 

Why we Write Business Letters?

Depending on the sender and recipient, there are many reasons for writing the business letter.

    • It can be written to boost the reader or to give the information.
    • It can be written to show some obligations or to give some suggestions.
    • It can be written for sending a reminder, taking any formal decision, the announcement of any event or for the invitation to other companies.

Way of writing a business letter?

While writing a business letter the first line should be impressive. Reader’s attention should be grasped.

Way of writing a business letter to a company:

The letter should not be written in a casual form, formal language should be used while writing a business letter to a company. And the second thing is spelling and grammar should be perfect. Even a minor mistake is not acceptable in a business letter. Motive or writing purpose should be cleared in this letter. The letter should be concise with an accurate length.

Steps of writing a business letter:

Four steps are involved in writing a business letter

These four steps include beginning the letter, composing the body, closing the letter and finalizing the letter as explained below:

    1. In the beginning the letter; format information, use of the right kind of paper(standard letter size paper), information of the company or organization and the recipient’s information come.
    2. In composed of the body; tone, personal pronoun, and courteous behavior come.
    3. In closing the letter; signature and enclosure included.
    4. And in the last part in finalizing the letter edit and review of a letter included.

Parts of Business Letter

A business letter consists of the following parts:

The heading, date, reference, name and address, subject, salutations or greetings, body paragraphs, respectful closing, signatures, and enclosures.

#1 The Heading

The heading consists of the name and address of an organization. It can also have a logo or trademark of the organization.

#2 Date

Write the date below the heading or letterhead.

#3 Name and address

Now, the name and address of the recipient are written to whom it will be sent.

#4 Salutations or Greetings

Salutation is a kind of greeting that acts as a symbol of respect. Address the recipient using “Dear” sir or madam, or recipient title and last name, or recipient first name or full name.

#5 Letter Body

Below the salutation, the body of the business letter lies. Here, discuss the reasons for writing this letter. The body is divided into three paragraphs.

5.1 First Paragraph: State the point or reasons for concisely writing this letter within two lines. These lines should be impressive for catching the reader’s attention.

5.2 Second Paragraph: With the help of some examples and evidence some explanations should be given according to concerning the matter.

5.3 Third Paragraph: It is the last paragraph restating the writing purpose in this paragraph. Summarize the points and include a request for a call to action. End it by courteous words such as thanks or warm regards etc.

#6 Respectful Closing

Just like the greetings or salutation the closing of a business letter should be respectful. It is a humble way of closing a letter. It shows the formal relation of the reader with the recipients.

Examples: warm regards, respectfully, yours truly, sincerely, yours faithfully, etc.

#7 Signature and sender’s information

This part includes the sender’s name, signature, and designation. The contact number and address also included in this part. The signature should be handwritten and done with blue or black ink.

#8 Enclosures

It shows the documents attached to the business letter. The document can be anything like bills, invoices or cheques. In this, a note is prepared to inform the recipient to check the attached documents.

Some related questions to the Business letter

What is meant by attachment?

Attachment means an added image or a document to the letter.

What is block format?

Block format is a form of layout that determines how the text is formatted. It justified all the text on the left side and single-spaced.

What is meant by double space format?

Double-space format means leaving one blank line between lines of texts.

Informal Business Letter?

A letter which is written casually to the familiar one is an informal business letter.

What is meant by the inside address?

The mailing information of the recipient is the inside address of a business letter.

What is Letterhead or Heading?

Letterhead or heading is a special paper that consists of a company logo or its printed name.

Spacing in business letter format?

Blank area present between lines of text and words is known as spacing. The standard spacing format needs to be used in composing a letter of business.

What is Tone?

The tone is the attitude of a sender.

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