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Dismissal Letter – Letter of Termination Content and Format: Introduction

Letter of Dismissal and Termination Letter Writing Guidelines

The dismissal letter is a kind of formal letter; also known as the terminational letter which is issued by the organization for firing a worker with or without any specific reason.


When an employee is to be terminated, for any reason, a formal letter is issued; this letter is called Termination or a Dismissal Letter.

It is an official letter; it informs the employee regarding the termination, stating specific reasons. The law facilitates the employees; they have the right to appeal via an appeal letter. Therefore the dismissal letter will never be a final document. When the employees appeal and are reinstated the dismissal letter loses its official status.

The dismissal letter is written on the company’s Letter Head. It should be properly addressed by name and the appointment/designation that the employee is holding. 

Important Contents of a Dismissal Letter

A dismissal letter be written, keeping in view the following:- 

    • The formal letter must begin with sympathetic words. The wording of the letter must never be derogatory/insulting.
    •  The service record of the employee is taken into account.
    • The words ‘you are being terminated’ must be followed by all valid reasons.
    • Use words of encouragement; follow it with the compensation being given to the employee. 
    • Do not make accusations. 

Being an official letter, the following steps are necessary, while the decision to terminate an employee is taken:-

    • Avoid general statement
    • The reasons stated in the letter should be authentic.
    • The use of polite words is necessary.
    • Be brief, concise and simple. 
    • The letter must end with your signatures

Points to Ponder while Composing a Termination Letter

It is important to include dates, times and reasons. Consider some points, while avoids some as follow:-

Things to CONSIDER while writing a dismissal letter:

    • Don’t generalize your statements.
    • Mention the reasons in detail.
    • Make use of a polite tone.
    • Be concise, simple and short. 
    • Justify your decision based on the poor performance of the employee.
    • Maintain the honor and dignity of an employee.
    • Hand over the termination letter personally in privacy. 
    • Display sympathy.
    • Consider and allow compensation pay.
    • Be considerate and think over your decision a few times.
    • Base your decision on justice and respect.
    • Where required guides the employee as to what to do next.
    • Satisfy the employee. 
    • The employee may require clarification of some given reasons.
    • Have a formal meeting with the employee.
    • Consider the initial contract between the employee and the company.

Things to AVOID while writing a dismissal letter:

    • Immediate or on spot dismissal be avoided.
    • Use written means of conveying the decision. 
    • The dismissal is based on only the poor/ unsatisfactory performance.
    • Avoid blaming the employee.
    • All contents are based on facts only.
    • Your explanation should be convincing. Avoid long discussions/arguments
    • Avoid commitments and promises to the employee.
    • Give special consideration to female employees.
    • When required discuss the matter with another colleague.
    • Warnings must be given as pre-requisite to dismissal

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