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Refund Compensation Letter for Delayed Flight: Compensation Letter Format, Template, Example

Application Letter to Claim Ticket Refund of Delayed Flight

If your flight is delayed for a long period, you have to write an application letter for the ticket refund to the authorities in the airline to refund the money. This kind of application letter is also known as the Ticket Refund Compensation Letter.

Below is some sample of applications that a customer will write to the airline or to the bank for the refund of money.

Sample Compensation Letter to Claim Ticket Refund for Delayed Flight

Letter to Claim Refund from the Airline Company for Delayed Flight

Ticket Office,
Emirates Airlines,
Customer Service Department,

Honorable sir/madam,

Hope you are fine. With due respect, it is stated that I, Ahmed Khan, request you to cancel my ticket and refund my payment as my flight is late for 20 hours. I have booked another flight. I had booked the flight 2 days ago from Dubai to Lahore.3:15 am on 29th February 2019 because of my busy schedule.

I am going to attend the marriage ceremony of my friend which is taking place in Pakistan within two days. I also have to travel from Karachi to Lahore which is also a long route for me and your flight is late for 20 hours. I will not be late to attend the ceremony if I wait for your flight. This is my first experience to have a late flight as I am in a hurry.

I am a regular customer of your airline as I travel four times with your company. Please understand my position. I request you to cancel my ticket and refund my payment so that I can book a new flight as early as possible.

Yours affectionately,

Ahmed Khan
Flight number 23, Seat Number 14
Date 29th February 2019.
Phone number 033382822367

Letter to Claim Insurance for Delayed Flight

United bank limited,
Credit Division,

Respected Madam,

It is stated that I, Michael, bank I.D 1239890, recently traveled from Los Angles to Riyadh due to my business meeting. I had booked my return ticket from the Blue line due to up going prices on the weekend. 

I had bought business class ticket which cost me about 180 dollars. Unfortunately, when I came to the airport they announced that the flight was late for 5 hours. I was in a hurry as I had to attend the meeting in Riyadh, so I booked another flight to save time. I then went to the customer services to refund my ticket and told them about my position. They asked me to write an application. I had submitted my application but their manager rejected my application and claim. I am already facing some financial problems and 180 dollars is not a small amount. I request you to fulfill my loss with insurance. I have attached the rejected application by the company and also the information on the ticket. I hope you will fulfill my loss as early as possible. Please contact me for other information.

I shall be thankful to you 

Yours Sincerely,

Michael Browne,
Bank ID 1239890,
Date 23 march 2021,
Phone no XXX.

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